5 Tips to craft a Vivid Vision

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To identify our dream job, we need to have a vision around it. 

We need to define what we are looking for and put it in writing to bring more clarity.

Here are 5 tips to begin with:

1) Identify the right profile for yourself 

Chawk the list of activities you love to do, add them to the profile that you were working with and add this to your passion. Once you have combined all three of them, you will find a big list for yourself. Make your list as long as possible, do not miss out on anything that is critical or you are passionate about. Not rate each of them on the scale of 1-10 (10 being highest). Now shortlist three activities that you are passionate about and you can build your career around it. 

2) Make a list of organization you want to work with

With the top three shortlisted ones, identify first whether you want to go ahead and join the organization and give your best around it OR you are keen to start something of your own. Once you have identified and made a choice between Job/ Bussiness, next is make a list of organizations you want to work with (minimum 10) 

Also, figure out the leaders in the industry who do similar stuff which you have shortlisted in STEP 1. Follow them, learn from them, network with them and strategize your goal.

3) What is the deadline before which you want to Relaunch

Okay, now fix a deadline for yourself. A strict deadline. Ask what you need to do to achieve that goal you have set for yourself. Can that be achieved with the current set of skillsets? Can that be achieved with your current routine? What changes do you need to make within yourself? Ask the right set of questions and you will get those right set of answers. Give yourself a tough time until you make it!!

Do not settle for less…

4) Get clarity in terms of numbers and figures 

The kind of salary(in case of jobs) you want to withdraw, the number of people you want to work with, The revenue you want to generate for yourself, the number of people you want to make an impact on, etc

Define precisely all the numbers for yourself, and get clarity in terms of numbers and visualizations.

5) Put them all in writing

The Vision that you have created for yourself, as of now may be vivid, but you will have to pen it down. You pen it down and keep refining the goal. The more you write and re-write and then again re-write, you will get more and more clarity for yourself. Every time you put your vivid vision in writing you are making a strong promise to yourself to reach to your destination on or before the deadline you have drawn for yourself. 

Commitment is important, adhering to daily commitments is even more important.

By doing this, you are giving yourself more clarity. You are crystal clear on your goal and the destination you want to reach.

So let us craft a Vivid Vision for ourself, set a date for ourself and commit to ourself that we will make it and until we make it we will not break the rhythm!!

Good Luck