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AGENDA: Investor Pitch for Startups

DATE: November 03, 2018

A prestigious institution. A long registration list. A rich crowd that had all levels of Entrepreneurs and those Investors :). Entrepreneurs introducing themselves with the other entrepreneurs or the investors. Obviously, Investors do not introduce themselves.

In the curious moment of networking, the auditorium door opened and the conversation slowed down. Then the humming stopped. Slowly there was silence. People started grabbing the most convenient seats for themselves. And there was then the pin-drop silence. Everyone waiting for someone to take the stage and start the session.

A lady took the stage. She spoke about the Entrepreneur Learning in her Prestigious Institute followed by an elaborate Women Entrepreneur Hub. and then the speakers took the stage. Gave a superb talk on Investor Deck followed by the ways to design a deck. Both the speakers had the agenda that was simply remarkable. There was then a questionnaire round after each speaker.

After the talk, the lady took the stage again and invited a budding entrepreneur to give a pitch demo. That was heard very well, maintaining the decorum in the auditorium. Everyone had an eye on the stage, an ear for the speaker and zipped mouth to maintain the courteousness of the moment respecting the grace of the Institution.

You have been reading long for the twist in the story!! RIGHT. Here is the twist…..

The lady again took the stage and thanked all for the marvelous value they shared. She then called a colleague of hers to give a brief of “Goldman Sachs initiative to empower 10K Female Entrepreneurs”. A little humming started. As she took the stage and spoke the few very obvious keywords, a little humming converted into visible silence breaker and within a matter of 6-10 seconds, the crowd suddenly realized it was difficult to stick to the seats anymore. Nearly one-third of the crowd stood.

The lady on stage scanned the crowd for a moment, vouched clearly to the standing crowd how she felt with their conduct, finished her talk and left the stage a little devastated.

Now the Entrepreneurs!!

Boss, you are the people who claim to understand your customers. You claim to have the patience to understand the pain points. You claim to provide the best of service. You claim a lot is what I am trying to emphasize here…..

Also, YOU claim to lead your organization. With this claim, you develop a sense of Leadership within you. And with this sense of leadership, you need to understand the burden on your delicate (for those who did not have the patience for the last 15 seconds) shoulders. Since your belief overrides everything, one needs to have a deep-rooted belief.

We are in the Digital era. We are so uniquely connected. We are in a race. If one claims to be a leader and fails to show the basic etiquette of being a human at the least, it will not take much time when you find yourself out of the race.

IF IN CASE, which is quite obvious of the mindset that you might have, you must be wondering that this article is published by a Lady and they stood to choose not to listen to a lady, so the lady writing the article is being a little possessive.

Then, Dear YOU, I am not at all emphasizing on who was talking and about what, my Focal point is WHO CHOSE to LEAVE.

Nelson Mandela is enormously studied globally. He is a special case study in regards to his Leadership Skills. You recall any leader you want to, he/she has an opinion in favor of OR against them across different cities or parts of the globe. But Nelson Mandela is one such great leader in history, who is globally accepted, respected irrespective of any diversity you can imagine of. He was once questioned for his leadership skills and why he is so loved and deeply respected? Why were people so fond of him? such were questions raised by curious people around.

He said, “I speak, but I speak when it is my turn. And I make sure I speak LAST. Till then I have the privilege of LISTENING.” So, the great leader speaks but listens first. And listens to everyone.

To cut the story short now, for those who believe to LEAD and those who want to leave a mark behind (which you call Legacy), you will have to have the basics of the Leadership Skill and that is to Listen, to Listen until everyone is done talking, especially when you tend to be amongst other Industry Leaders who are willing to Listen. Boss!! remember this is a race, a furious race, you will be exposed soon if you miss the rudimentary rules. Good Luck!!

Lend your Ear, to be a Leader!!

For those who do not fall in the Leadership Trajectory, can ignore the article. This was not for you for sure.

*Disclaimer: Personal Perspective