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The journey has been super exciting. As always, an adventure ride !!!

After a decade of corporate experience, I found myself arguing with a 30-year-old Corporate Lady and a 13-year-old Dreamer. With some dis-satisfactory offers in hand I decided to kick off my Entrepreneurial Journey.

I had recently relocated to a metro city, with my open options and pool of questions, and I was literally lost in the start-up city with my idea of how to start. I networked massively and searched for answers, but it took me a lot of time and costed me beyond my expectations. Moreover, I didn’t have any business background, struggled a lot to learn the intricacies of building a business. Such struggles, learning from experiences made me decide that I could do a lot to the Entrepreneurs and launched the ‘Neha Tripathi Talk Show.’ Our Vision here is to share all kinds of experience and expertise with the audience.

A Passionate Host of Neha Tripathi Talk Show which is a platform for Entrepreneurs, Dreamers, and Achievers and hold a Dream to bring a positive shift in % of Leadership Positions. The idea of this talk show is to introduce the audience with the leaders across the industry and support them in designing a customized version best suited for themselves.

We have worked really hard for YOU to bring to our platform the leaders who are leading the industry. These leaders will talk about the journey that they have traveled all the way long to Re-create their identity. Join us in the journey of Exploring the Unexplored!!

Initially, we launched the platform for women, but eventually, we felt the need for men since a lot of interest was coming on our way from them as well. Hence we opened up the forum for everyone.

“Neha Tripathi Talk Show – A platform to learn, share and speak your heart out!!”

I began with networking. I networked massively. Events, Conferences, Business Events, Networking Meets, IIM-B Events, Summits… everywhere… for 6 months, all I did was networking. I learned hard way and eventually became more determined to share my experience and learning. I realized, there are so many people who are willing to share their experience as well. Soon, I decided to launch my talk show where I could invite these experts and create a platform that would connect to the audience.

Experts/ Guests on the platform share their journey with us. We introduce them and interview them in and around their business/ expertise. They open up sharing the journey and experience with the audience. We always have a privilege in speaking with these gems.

We believe in creating a community of Givers

And we open up the forum for our audience for the final round of Q&A. This gives an extra edge to our audience. We offer our viewers a golden opportunity to connect with our Experts and extend the relationship for further guidance. In our previous episodes, we have been successfully running the show connecting experts with the audience and providing next-level solutions. Our audience has created thriving opportunities for themselves.

And we continue to extend the support to our audience.


OKAY, LET’s TALK: We begin the show by setting some ground rules and Introducing the Guest to our Audience.

TALK THE TALK: The Guest and the Host interact and discuss in and out about the topic, experience, journey and definitely stories (my favorite part).

GUYS SHOOT: We wind up with a Rapid Fire round followed by opening the forum for the audience for Q&A. Here there is a deeper connect built between the audience and guests.

Speakers are Entrepreneur or Self-Made Individuals or Industry Experts

Why Virtual? So anyone can join from anywhere.

Audience: Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Executives, Mid-Level Managers, Top Executives, Housewives, Working Women

Venue: ZOOM, A virtual talk show just to make sure anyone can Join!

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All the best Neha for your Nehatripathi talk show. Hope to see your programme scaling greater heights.

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